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Sheep Barn Renovations

Thank you to our wonderful community and sponsors that helped us meet our goal and went above and beyond. We were able to raise $45,293.00. We were able to get 100 new pens, paint the barn, and in the spring time will be adding curtains to the side of our barn. 

Thank you to the  Wiles family- Todd, Julie, Travis, and Megan, Zeedyk Family- Michele, Kaitlyn, Brady, Brett, and Brandon, Miller family- Dave, Heidi, and Ethan, Andrew Timbrook, Yvonne Blooser, Jeff Rohlf, and Jerry Sanders for all your help setting up our new pens. They look great and can't wait to use them for our fair. 



Megan Wiles 

Pictures posted below.

image (1).png
putting pens up (1).jpg
Update of barn.jpg
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